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“Let your workings remain a mystery.
Just show people the results.”
~ Lao Tzu

Lisa's work has a calm and tangible spaciousness. But in that emptiness, I have come face to face with, and released, anger, fear, grief and deep fatigue that resided in my body. Lisa holds the space (and my body) in such a way that I can surrender into a journey of reclaiming that which I have been in resistance to in myself.

I have found great joy working with Lisa over the past year. I've gained a heightened awareness of past experiences and how they have impacted my body mechanics. I now enjoy a greater sense of emotional and physical balance, and a much better mind-body connection.  The perpetual "buzz" running through my body is beginning to calm. Thanks Lisa!

Lisa has fine sensitivity, a true heart, deep compassion, quick understanding and a great sense of humor.  These make her a wonderful companion and guide on my healing journey.

Ariana Newcomer
Outside, Lisa sits calmly, intently with tender hands on my person. Inside, I experience all manner of body jitters, temperature rushes, heart palpitations and head raptures! All being the confluence of physical/psychic woes witnessed but now finally released! At the end of the hour, Lisa says, "Wow what a ride!", yet knows all too well that the ride was mine alone to have. Lisa's caring presence pulls my focus up and in but my awareness alone lets healing be.

Brendan Ramsden
Yin Tuina has been a powerful healing force in my life.  I have noticed deeper clarity and calmness, I'm better able to concentrate, and I am more stable emotionally since I've begun working with Lisa.  Yin Tuina gives many of the benefits that talking therapies 'say' they do.  When I go to counseling I leave feeling I know more about my emotional and mental wounds, but not necessarily that they're better.  With Yin Tuina work, I feel old wounds begin to move out of my body, leaving room for newer, healthier patterns in my life.

Laura Bishop Practitioner,
Luminous Body Integrated Energy Medicine
Before coming to Lisa for Yin Tuina I had high levels of stress, anxiety and adrenal burnout.  In Lisa’s sessions I go into a deep state of relaxation.  This has greatly improved my day-to-day life.  I feel a greater sense of calm and wellbeing.

Lisa Lemuechi, Massage Therapist
After a session with Lisa, I feel so balanced and grounded both physically and emotionally.  I feel peaceful, relaxed and completely centered.  My body and spirit feel replenished & restored.  I have been seeing Lisa weekly for well over a year now, and the healing and balancing affects of our sessions together have helped me to move more easily through a particularly challenging time in my life.  Lisa is a joy to work with and I am grateful to have her in my life.

When I first met Lisa, I connected with her energy and sense of humor. I had no idea what to expect from Yin Tuina when I started working with her. During the first session my legs started to tingle as if they had been asleep and I was starting to move them. I really believe I actually was waking up the cells in my legs. All my Yin Tuina sessions with Lisa were phenomenal.

Lisa’s calm presence has stood by me as I’ve walked through the transitions I’ve needed to make to get to my current state of health.  Her insight and humor have eased some rocky times; providing me perspective and faith in my own healing.

Ilana King

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