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Yin Tuina Bodywork

“The gentlest thing in the world
overcomes the hardest thing in the world.”
~Lao Tzu -  Tao Te Ching

Yin Tuina Bodywork is a light-touch therapy that supports the exploration of the relationship between emotional, physical and spiritual states. This process encourages the body to unwind and release old injuries, negative thought patterns, trauma and stress. The release of pain, stored emotions and stress allows the body to innately restore healthy Qi (vital energy) flow. When Qi flows freely, health, peace and clarity are manifest.

“He who defines himself
can’t know who he really is”
~ Lao Tzu

Individuals with the following experiences tend to respond well to Yin Tuina:

  • Someone who is considered “sensitive”
  • Old injuries that have never completely healed – car accidents, sports injuries, etc.
  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Ready to make life changes
  • Explored many healing modalities, with little to no change in emotional or physical condition

“Open yourself to the Tao,
then trust your natural responses;
and everything will fall into place.”
~Lao Tzu

A Yin Tuina Practitioner creates a place of support and spaciousness. In a typical session, the client lies on a massage table, wearing comfortable clothing. The practitioner, with the client’s permission, supports the person by physically and gently holding an area of the body, such as a hand or a foot. Physical contact brings attention to the inter-relational process between a person’s awareness, their body and their environment and/or life. This uncommon experience presents a unique opportunity for reflection and self-inquiry that leads to the release of stagnant energy/Qi, emotions and injuries.

“Act without doing”
~Lao Tzu

The practitioner does not attempt to fix or heal the client during the session.  In fact, the practitioner practices ‘not doing’ during the session. Having time and a safe place for self-inquiry allows the client’s innate body wisdom to bring about healing. Any given session may differ from a previous one. The client’s body may choose deep reflection, laughter, soul-searching conversation or light dozing. Sometimes subtle, at other times powerful, each session builds on the one before. Read about the results.